Flagstaff Regional Housing Authority operates Big Knife Villa in Forestburg.

The lodge features its own unique community environment, as well as dedicated and friendly staff that help ensure residents enjoy life. From birthday celebrations to holidays, laughter and fun is encouraged.

The mandate of the Seniors Lodge Program is to provide affordable room and board for senior citizens who are functionally independent or functionally independent with the assistance of existing community-based services.

The facilities are audited by and in compliance with the standards set by the Government of Alberta.

Please see our Lodge Booklet for more information, including rates. (effective July 1, 2019)

Download an Application Package.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the lodge cater to special diets?
While we do not cater to special diets, a variety of food choices are prepared daily that should meet dietary requirements.

Are wheelchairs or electric scooters allowed?
Non-electric wheelchairs are allowed in the lodge. However, electric wheelchairs and scooters are prohibited. If you use these for transportation, we do have parking available.

Are family/guests allowed to stay over?
Some of our lodges do have a guest room available for a small fee, while others do not. Please contact the lodge directly.

How do I do my laundry?
Lodges have a laundry room that residents are welcome to use for personal items.

Can I bring my pet?
While pets cannot come to live with a resident, visitation programs do exist as long as the pet is up-to-date with its vaccinations.

What to Bring


  • The lodge has basic furniture and window coverings available. Residents are encouraged to bring their own furniture and to decorate/personalize their rooms and make them feel more like home.
  • Basic furnishings provided are limited to a single bed with mattress, a night table, a chair, a mirror, and a desk.
  • If bringing your own furnishings, please check with the office to ensure that they meet lodge standards.
  • To ensure a safe living environment, please do not overcrowd the room. Ensure doorways are not blocked, cords are not a tripping hazard, etc.
  • For resident security, the bed must be situated within easy reach of the emergency bell cord.
  • Ceiling hooks are not permitted.
  • Hooks, screws and nails are not permitted on the main door or bathroom door.
  • Please use proper hangers when hanging pictures. If you need help hanging a picture or lifting things please ask the staff for help.
  • Residents are responsible for the maintenance of (and repairs to) their own personal furniture and equipment.
  • The Bethany Group/Flagstaff Regional Housing Group are not responsible for loss or damage to personal articles.

All items are subject to inspection for Bed Bugs. Please go to My Health Alberta for more information.

 Personal Items you are invited to bring:

  • Pillows and a Quilt
  • Dresser
  • Own bed (if you would like please check with staff to see what size can fit)
  • Pictures for the walls
  • Lamp
  • TV, DVD player, etc.
  • Radio and a clock
  • Chair and/or a Recliner
  • Electric Razor
  • Denture accessories
  • Clothes and personal care items
  • Any equipment you use (eg. walker, wheelchair)
  • For your records, an official list of prescription and other drugs and/or supplements from your pharmacy or doctor, including non-prescription items


Where appropriate, clients are supported in the self administration and secure storage of their medications. All client medications must be secured. A lock box with a combination will be provided in your room. You may share this combination number with your family or pharmacy as you see fit.

If you require assistance with your medications, our staff can contact Home Care for an assessment of your unmet needs. In consultation with you and your family, it will be determined if you would benefit from being on the Alberta Health Services Medication Assistance Program. When authorized by Home Care, The Bethany Group Health Care Aides can assist you with your medication delivery needs. All clients on Medication Assistance must have their medication placed in a controlled dosage system. The Bethany Group uses the Pouch Packaging controlled dosage system. Blister packs will be allowed, but not encouraged.

Electrical Appliances

In order to ensure a safe environment for all residents, please note the following guidelines:


  • small bar-type fridges
  • small microwaves (only in some lodges; please check with the lodge)
  • tea kettles or coffee pots with safety shut-off
  • iron with safety shut-off
  • curling irons with automatic shut-off
  • power bars with safety shut-off
  • extension cords that meet safety standards

Not Allowed:

  • toasters and toaster ovens
  • frying pans and hot plates
  • electric heaters
  • halogen lights/lamps

Valuables and Finances

  • A residents valuables and property are to be clearly marked for identification.
  • Residents are encouraged to manage their own business and finances, or to instruct a family member to do so on their behalf.
  • Staff will not handle cash on a residents behalf.
  • The lodge office will not cash cheques for the residents.
  • Staff is not responsible for any misplaced or missing articles.

Please Note: Some lodges allow items that others do not. Please check with the lodge before bringing in any small appliances or furniture.

Other Lodges

If you are interested in finding lodge accommodation outside of the Flagstaff region, please visit The Bethany Group's website for more information. Lodge living is available at:

  • Autumn Glen Lodge (Innisfail)
  • Bashaw Meadows (Bashaw)
  • Big Knife Lodge (Forestburg)
  • Lacombe Senior Citizens Lodge (Lacombe)
  • Eckville Manor House (Eckville)
  • Peace Hills Lodge (Wetaskiwin)
  • Rosealta Lodge (Camrose
  • West Pine Lodge (Winfield)